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Microglia UCSC Genome Browser hub that contains reprocessed (using our standard pipeline) ChIP-seq datasets from seven different microglial epigenomics publications.

Microglial Gene List Enrichment R Shiny App! This interactive portal allows users to input their genes lists of interest and statistically compare them to our lab curated database of microglial relevant published gene lists. All code underlying the app is available on our github. Try it out!


Other resources for Glial cell transcription regulation:

GLIAseq: Astrocytes and microglia RNAseq searchable database from the Liddelow lab

Single Cell GLIAseq: Single Cell searchable database from the Liddelow lab

Brain RNAseq: different brain cell types searchable database from Barres lab

Microglia Development by Sex RNAseq: RNAseq across developmental timepoints from Bilbo lab

Microglia Single Cell Atlas: microglia single cell RNAseq across development and disease states from the Stevens lab

Hypothalamic embryonic microglia single cell RNAseq: database of single cell RNAseq from hypothalamic embryonic microglia +/- maternal stress

Glass lab UCSD genome browser session for microglia for multiple publications